Time Zone Overlap Vs Opposite Time Zones For Remote Teams

Naturally, organizations jumped at the opportunity to select from a global pool of talent which is, essentially, the key factor that led to the formation of teams that span across different time zones. Still, as much as it might be pretty seamless for a tech company to adjust their operations to working across time zones, for some industries and teams, this practice is simply not viable. Let’s get a more detailed look at what types of teams are leading the way in working across time zones.

Companies employing smaller internationally distributed teams are more likely to have staff members experience feelings of isolation and being left out from the company culture and general social interactions. Diversity and inclusion drive innovation and positively impact overall business targets within remote companies that span across time zones. Understandably, this approach largely supports https://remotemode.net/ innovation and ultimately leads to more profit in the long run. In fact, one prediction by Gartner shows that 75% of companies employing diverse decision-making teams can expect to outperform their business objectives in 2022. Moreover, one McKinsey study found that the more ethnically and racially diverse companies outperform their less diverse peers by 36% when it comes to financial targets.


Always, always, send a calendar invite to clients when working across time zones. This will guarantee that you’ve got the correct time and that you both know when you’re actually going to meet. Each year I spend a few months overseas, traveling and living the backpack lifestyle. Working while traveling can be the ultimate dream, but there’s also the potential for a lot of problems. When your clients are located in a different time zone, like a really different time zone, you quickly learn how to make adjustments to your life, in order to make the relationship work. Because if you don’t, it’s too easy to get stuck in time zone hell. More teams are working together across the globe, companies are building increasingly remote workforces, and recruiters can search for talent regardless of location.

At Zapier, we stay connected with our team in a number of ways. We post thoughts and updates about team projects on Slack, regardless of who’s online.

Always Plan Your Pipeline Ahead Of Time

The most popular company channels in team chat apps usually include those public, #random channels, or some more specific channels that gather people who share the same interests (e.g. #books, #gaming, #memes). Ideally, these virtual spaces would inspire teams to add to the informal chat thread, regardless of the time they logged in. To prevent this common hurdle of working across time zones, organizations can set an official time zone for all team members to reference when scheduling meetings or setting deadlines. That way, teams can avoid confusion, misalignment, and delays.

working in different time zones

When she is not researching the most productive collaboration techniques, she can usually be found trying out the latest team chat and collaboration tools and apps. Moreover, companies should rethink the overall effectiveness of each meeting. It’s a good practice to schedule the meetings only for the exchange of information that can’t be communicated over a team chat app, a document, an email, or a memo. Sure, a team brainstorming session is most effective over a video conference, however, a general weekly update doesn’t necessarily require a 5 a.m. Let’s outline all the key steps companies can take to better manage working across time zones within the asynchronous collaboration framework. Asynchronous communication has emerged as a preferred method for organizations operating across time zones.

Best Practices For Making Remote Work, Work

The name “instant” suggest live synchronous communication, but asynchronous communication is still a big part of using instant messaging tools like Slack, MS Teams, and Flock. One-off videos and screen captures shouldn’t be the only place that teammates can turn for information and context in real time. Building an internal wiki that documents best practices and processes is critical, and there are a world of tools out there to help including Notion, Confluence, and even Google Drive. If the issue is complex or there are dependencies involved, you might find yourself drafting a paragraph and editing your message for clarity and tone that can get lost in translation. The future of work is remote, which means negotiating different time zones is an inescapable reality.

With a small investment of your time, you can not only help your own business, you can help a person or people around the world by providing a job and steady income. It’s harder to get to know team members when everyone doesn’t work in the same office, not to mention in the same time zone.

working in different time zones

By setting a clear expectation that communication won’t happen in real-time, you can take the pressure of people in different time zones to be “on-call”. Of course, if you can’t afford to fly your entire team to a location very often, you can turn to virtual team-building events to keep up the team spirit in the meantime. You can invite your team members to join a private group or a public channel in the team chat app you use — for example, you can name the channel #group-activities, #team_fun_times, or simply, #team-building. There, you can suggest interesting team activities and play fun team-building games designed for virtual team settings.

Benefits Of Working Across Time Zones

“When there were 4 people, everyone knew everything. When there are 75 people, that no longer scales,” he says. It’s possible to hire people around the globe and still have your whole team working 9-to-5 at your office’s time zone—after all, plenty of people work night shifts—but it’s not optimal.

  • Many remote teams schedule their annual get together around a conference.
  • Consider digital “lab time,” the virtual version of the office breakroom.
  • This article covers best practices for Admins configuring the time zones for your workplace and users through example scenarios.
  • Explore how companies are creating world‑class employee experiences across demographics, industries and more.

Start of day, start of week, and start of pay period are all set in the workplace’s time zone. Only users with admin level access can change the workplace time zone. Interactions where people feel equally immersed help build high-trust, happier, and better-performing employees. HR teams have a pivotal role to play as companies navigate profound changes to their workplaces and workforces. But 1 in 4 say they don’t have the tools they need to succeed.

Zapier are on a mission to make automation easy and accessible to everyone at work. With over 400 remote employees spread across 30 countries, Zapier is one of the largest fully remote companies. They know what they’re doing and write great guides on how to get the most out of remote work. Building an asynchronous culture can seem intimidating but you’ll need to if you plan to work across time zones. When you can’t rely on synchronous communication, you need to be able to continue working when help could be a day or two away.

Team TimeZone provides detailed as well as compact views for various-sized teams. The app even enables the availability status of the different team members and it also helps in visualizing the time difference for a better grasp of the time zone gaps within your team. Harvest tracks expenses and time plus it provides a visual representation of the team’s productivity, generates professional invoices, and delivers efficiency reports related to different projects. The application charges $12 per month however if you want to take an annual subscription then you get a 10% discount. Google Calendar looks basic at first glance, but it’s packed with features that make it great for remote teams—or really any team. You can set your own time zone, and save the time zones you work with most to have an easy way to switch between them. Slack, for instance, lists each team member’s time zone, how many hours that is from your local time, and that person’s current local time whenever you click their name.

Time Zone Best Practices

For example, whenever our global team presented to our corporate Korean client, we found them to be not as responsive as we had expected. Group video calls wandered and dragged on for 3 or more hours. Daylight specializes in end-to-end projects that require research and strategy up-front and buildable solutions towards the end. We adopt the human-centered design process, which invites us to start with open-ended questions and be inspired by the people we are designing for. Another benefit of hiring employees from Peru is the country’s high English proficiency.

Let us have a look at how you can effectively manage the timezones for aiding the productivity of your organization. Working with a distributed team can be challenging at first because it’s difficult to build the kind of rapport that comes naturally when working in an office setting. It takes extra effort for remote teams to stay on task without face-to-face communication. Some of the best practice examples suggest encouraging employees to craft their own shared experiences in company team chat apps.

It wasn’t so hard to keep track of – rather, I just had to know which dates were going to affect my 9 am morning calls with my parents and etc. For instance, maybe you’re working across time zones located in New York City, like I am! A common assumption is that someone’s hours are a ‘standard’ 9-5 or 9-6 pm; however, location is not always equal to working hours.

  • Sometimes design terminology to describe our process differed between our own studio locations, making it hard to communicate ideas precisely.
  • It’s possible to hire people around the globe and still have your whole team working 9-to-5 at your office’s time zone—after all, plenty of people work night shifts—but it’s not optimal.
  • You can easily travel to Mexico for in-person training sessions or other administrative tasks that aren’t as effectively done online.
  • Check out our remote jobs, leverage our remote company database, or sign up and create your free company profile.
  • Some companies choose to have rotations where there is a single agent on call responsible for responding to any urgent inquiries that come in during off hours.

Offer peer mentorship and coaching between colleagues who occupy similar roles but reside in different locations. You won’t see distant employees as often and certainly not without intention.

And that’s nice—we all need human interaction, and it’s great that you can still get that without being in the same room. Neither is Silicon Valley or the city where your company is based. Some of us do our best work late at night, while others prefer to get up early and spend the late afternoons away from the desk. And while some metropolitan areas offer certain lifestyle perks, other big-city issues—like high costs-of-living—will drive potential employees away. This is a free and simple tool for macOS (other platforms “coming soon”) where you can see a list of people, their locations and current time where they are. You can import your team’s contact list directly from Slack to There, or you can add people and locations individually.

Case Studies: How To Work Autonomously And Asynchronously Across Time Zones

If you are interested in the services provided by Turing then you have to sign up as a customer on the website. Once you have signed up on the platform you will get access to the best and the most talented remote developers from the globe who have been sourced and pre-vetted in advance.

Your account ID is a number by default, but you are welcome to edit to your preference (i.e. company name). When you can’t just have a quick chat over the coffee pot, it’s important that communication is clear and concise and empathetic. And seriously, with so many choices in how to communicate, there’s really no excuse.

Here are some tips for working outside the constraints of time, none of which involve quantum mechanics. We hope that many of us get even more skilled at, and therefore less stressed out from collaborating remotely in 2021. The work day got longer as we tried to hand off and sync at the beginning or end of our days with the overseas team. We were creating so much design content, and yet it felt like we were not moving forward in the project. Cuba also ranks higher than other Latin American countries with a 521 score in English proficiency. It’s only below Bolivia and Argentina in this regard, making it the third most English proficient country in the region. You can easily travel to Mexico for in-person training sessions or other administrative tasks that aren’t as effectively done online.

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