Services for Payroll Processing

We provide professional, high-quality payroll services. Our payroll accounting, tax administration, and reporting services are comprehensive. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our experience and reduce the amount of time you spend on routine administrative duties. Reduce costs and enhance profits by delegating payroll services. Which can save you up to 50% on operational costs.


Our comprehensive solution provides you with a simple and dependable payroll process.

We provide a wide range of Payroll Services to satisfy your company's needs.

Services for Payroll Compliance
Payroll Processing Services
Services for Payroll Data Analytics
Returns on payroll
Payroll statements
Examine the processing and delivery
Deductions for employee health insurance
Payroll alternatives that are "paperless" include direct deposit payments and "paperless" payroll solutions
Outsourcing Services for Payroll Processing

It includes extremely challenging, repetitive effort. You can concentrate on building your company by outsourcing this procedure. Save money, concentrate on essential responsibilities, and expand without the constraints of staff and infrastructure.



Seasonally, at the end of the financial year, when taxes must be filed, the payroll processing burden can increase. Outsourcing this task to us gives you more personal freedom. During peak season, the time zone advantage is very important. While your US staff is sleeping, the team in India continues to work, allowing the process to continue for a full 24 hours.

Why Choose Osgen for Payroll Processing Services?

Payroll processing is a major expertise of Osgen. Our staff has more than a decade of experience offering high-quality services to businesses all over the world. can handle your payroll services as well as other administrative company activities including human resources and time and attendance. We connect HR operations with payroll systems, allowing you to save time and money. Payroll accounting services can be outsourced to us and you will receive high-quality services at a reduced cost.


Because of our extensive knowledge, you can rest assured that your payroll and tax filing will be done correctly, on time, every time.


We adhere to stringent compliance policies that can assure data privacy and security.





If you’re searching for a certain payroll accounting service that isn’t listed, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The following are the top five advantages of outsourcing payroll processing.

  • There will be no more IRS fines.
  • Your staff will benefit from direct deposit.
  • Your vendor should provide you with customized service.
  • You may rest confident that the most up-to-date tax tables are being used.
  • Focus on your primary company instead of dealing with payroll in-house.

Osgen uses payroll processing software.

At Osgen we employ the following payroll accounting software to ensure that our customers receive prompt and accurate services.


  1. QuickBooks (Intuit)
  2. PayCycle
  3. PayChex
  4. Deltek
  5. Accountix